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Richard Back, Fire Chief, Paramedic

Volunteer Fire Departments are an important part of fire and emergency protection for our area. Volunteers are held to the same rigorous standards and training requirements as paid staff. Our volunteers include Emergency Medical Responders, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians and a Paramedic, all on call for your protection and emergency medical needs. 


Roster of Volunteer Professionals

Richard Back, Chief, Firefighter, Paramedic

Juan Gomez, Assistant Chief, Firefighter, EMT

Rob Fox, Captain, Firefighter, EMT

David Zimmer, Captain, Firefighter, EMT

Natasha Back, Support

Jonathan Simmons, EMR

Mike Haire, Engineer, EMR

Ka-Dee Back, EMT

J.R. Grimes, Firefighter, EMT

Keith Grimes, Firefighter, EMT

Christina Back, EMR

Board of Directors

Bob Lee, President

Mike Haire, Vice President

Jessica Finch, Treasurer

Allen Rusek, Secretary

Mickey Clerc

Iris Clers

Larry Peter

Michael Porath

Bill Miller

Gordon Sands

Lorey Haire