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Mayor Gordon Sands

Mayor Sands was born in western Nebraska. the oldest son of Gordon Sands, Sr and Phebe Sheak Sands. He moved to Albany, New York at the age of seventeen with his grandfather and bought a farm.

Later that year, on a rollerskating outing with his church he met his future wife, Nancy Harrington. Three and one half years later, in 1956, he convinced her that she couldn't live without him, and they were married that same year.

Eleven months later, Nanette was born, the first of six children. Charlie III was born in 1960 and Natalie followed six years later. Sally was born in 1967 and Gordy came in 1974, The next year Nathan came along.

The Sands' family began visiting Welaka and purchased their current homestead in 1977. They made Welaka their permanent residence in 1988 along with the two youngest children. Mayor Sands worked as a general commodities carrier and Nancy served as the Town Clerk for a few years. In 1994, Mayor Sands decided to run for town council and was elected as Mayor in 1996  After a brief hiatus in 2007, Mayor Sands was reelected as mayor in 2009.

The Sands have thirteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren.