New to Welaka?

On behalf of the mayor, town council, and staff of the Town of Welaka, we want to welcome you to our great town, and we look forward to the opportunity to meet you. As a new resident, we are providing you with information below that we hope you find beneficial, and we always welcome your call any time you have questions regarding Welaka.

The best way to get to know your new community is by exploring it. During the first few weeks, walk, drive or bike around the new neighborhood to get a good sense of the area. Locate nearby grocery stores, parks, schools, libraries, hardware stores and pharmacies. Once you figure out where everything is situated, your new community will start to feel more like home. 

From credit cards and bank accounts to club memberships and utility companies, make sure all important parties have been made aware of your change in address. Otherwise, you could end up with frozen credit cards after you move. In addition to changing your address, make sure that your mail has been forwarded to your new home. To forward mail, visit  and choose the date you wish to begin forwarding your mail.

Another thing to be aware of are the days that our trash is picked up. Recycling and household trash are picked up Monday mornings. Yard debris is picked up every other Monday. Exact dates are provided in our monthly newsletter. Additional information is available from the town hall or by visiting Waste Pro.

Visit or call your local town hall about changing your voter registration. Tip: When you visit the DMV to get a driver's license, you may be able to also register to vote and establish domicile on the same day.

Enjoy volunteering? The town has many opportunities for volunteers and you can register online. If interested in something else, let us know and we can help match you up with local charities. Watch our News & Events page for happenings in town.

Those with school-age children should start researching schools in the area. Our local  schools are listed here:

There are other options as well. you can get a complete listing of Putnam County public schools here.

Perhaps most importantly, after you move in, introduce yourself to your new neighbors. Don't be afraid to ring the doorbell and say “hello.” Most people will appreciate the gesture, and you might make a few new friends in the process.